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Our innovative solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges of managing a car rental, sharing, and leasing fleet. We provide the tools needed to optimize vehicle utilization, ensure safety, maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency.

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Driver Performance

Enhance driver behavior and safety with detailed performance analytics. Ensure that your vehicles are being driven responsibly and improve overall fleet management.

Fuel Management

Monitor and control fuel usage. Track fuel consumption across your rental, shared, and leased vehicles to optimize costs and enhance operational efficiency.


Stay ahead of maintenance concerns with our comprehensive diagnostics. Easily monitor the health of your vehicles regularly to prevent unexpected breakdowns, ensuring that your cars remain reliable and ready for customers.

Event Recording

Capture and review critical events with our event recording system. Assess incidents to enhance safety, accountability, and determine responsibility for any damages or accidents involving your cars.


Keep precise records of your fleet’s movements with detailed time and location documentation. Have relevant data of each vehicle’s usage available to you.

Driver Location Tracking

Know where your vehicles are at all times. With our driver location tracking, you can monitor your cars in real-time, locate vehicles quickly, and ensure that you never lose track of your cars.

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