All-in-one fleet solution for seamless operations, connectivity, and growth.

Boost your Fleet

Optimize efficiency and productivity effortlessly. Experience seamless management and stay connected at all times.

Effortless Control

Simplify fleet management with real-time tracking, driver monitoring, and instant maintenance alerts. Save time, cut costs, and enhance safety with tools designed to streamline your daily operations.

Always Connected

Stay productive with plug-and-play devices and seamless integrations. Quick setup and reliable performance keep your fleet connected and running smoothly, boosting efficiency and peace of mind.

Innovation On Demand

Enjoy the latest features and updates with our continuously evolving platform. Predictive maintenance, customizable reports, and scalable infrastructure keep your fleet at its best every day.


Features at your fingertips

Real-time Vehicle Monitoring

Track vehicles with real-time GPS, automatic trip detection, and detailed trip information.

User and Driver Management

Control user access at various levels within the organization, including managers, drivers, and controllers.

Event and Activity History

View live or historical events and activities with map and individual vehicle views, along with detailed event reports.

Customizable Geofencing

Set up active geofence monitoring to detect pre-defined zones and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave these areas.

Configurable Reports

Generate reports on fleet utilization, safety, vehicle health, and more, customized to your needs.

Vehicle Health and Maintenance Alerts

Receive automatic notifications for vehicle faults, warnings, and scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Expandable Solutions

Add extra connections such as video cameras, temperature sensors, door sensors, and trailer tracking to enhance fleet management capabilities.

Advanced Driver Monitoring

Monitor driver behavior, including speed limit compliance and harsh driving events, with the possibility of integrating video footage.
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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

Utilize predictive diagnostics and real-time alerts to prevent issues before they occur, reducing downtime and improving vehicle longevity.

Keeping Your Fleet Running Smoothly

Initial Inspections and Planning
Onsite Installation
Maintenance and Ongoing Installations
Training for Super Users and Operational Staff
Post Go-Live Support and QA

Always at hand

Track vehicles in real-time, monitor driver behavior, and receive instant maintenance alerts. Customize dashboards and reports for quick insights. Enhance efficiency and decision-making with our user-friendly app.
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