Drive Vision

Video telematics capturing critical moments, improve safety, and optimize operations effortlessly.

Smarter Fleet monitoring

Transform your fleet with advanced video telematics, enhancing safety, efficiency, and insight.

Ultimate Fleet Safety

Ensure the highest level of safety for your fleet with Drive Vision. Monitor driver behavior, receive real-time alerts, and access detailed video footage to prevent accidents and enhance driver training.

Unmatched Efficiency

Optimize your fleet operations effortlessly. With Drive Vision, reduce downtime, streamline maintenance, and make data-driven decisions that boost productivity and lower operational costs.

Comprehensive Insight

Gain complete visibility into your fleet's performance. Analyze video data, detect potential issues early, and enhance overall efficiency with our intuitive and powerful video telematics solution.


The new video telematics

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Access live video feeds from your vehicles to monitor driver behavior and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Instant Alerts

Receive immediate notifications for critical events such as harsh braking, speeding, and collisions to take prompt action

Detailed Event Analysis

View live or historical events and activities with map and individual vehicle views, along with detailed event reports.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Track and evaluate driver performance with metrics on speeding, idling, and other driving behaviors to promote safer driving practices.

Predictive Maintenance

Generate reports on fleet utilization, safety, vehicle health, and more, customized to your needs.

Seamless Integration

Receive automatic notifications for vehicle faults, warnings, and scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Drive Vision in Action

Enhance Safety and Accountability
Improve Operational Efficiency
Empower Your Drivers

AI monitoring

With AI enabling and next generation hardware any detected event will trigger audio and visual alerts to drivers in real time. Available in the cloud.
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Why Choose Drive Vision?

Enhanced Visibility
Gain complete transparency into your fleet's operations with live video monitoring and detailed event analysis.
Proactive Safety Measures
Implement proactive safety measures with instant alerts and real-time monitoring, reducing the risk of accidents.
Cost Savings
Lower operational costs through predictive maintenance, optimized routes, and improved driver performance.
Seamless Integration
Enjoy integrations with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and unified fleet management.

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